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Mediation Service of the Partners Hungary Mediation Center

Mediation service

Partners Hungary offers mediation as an effective tool for resolving conflicts, disputes, issues in different areas of the society and of people’s everyday life.


Disputes suitable for mediation

  • Family and divorce cases
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Business disputes, internal and external conflicts of enterprises,
  • Workplace disputes; between and among colleagues, employees and managers,
  • Environmental disputes
  • Local government issues
  • Disputes of institutions
  • Minority disputes, intercultural cases


The price of our Mediation Services

Mediation session lastes about 3 hours

Preparation of a session: free

Personal or family cases: 15 600 HUF + TAX / hour

Business and other cases: 26 000 HUF + TAX /hour

If there are multiple participants (5 people): 39 000 HUF+TAX/hour


If you are interested in our Mediation Service please contact as through the service order form located at the bottom of page.